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In the 21st Century where everything is moving in fast pace and most of us never stop to realize our limitations is very easy to get Burnout.

I was a High Achiever Burnout to the point where I committed to find the root of causes that create the burnout.

From my experience and deep learning in this field I found that the Burnout is not caused by single event or at the moment; it’s a long-standing accumulated events and circumstances. It comes in many forms and everyone experience differently depend on their own Paradigm.

Below you will find 10 Steps that help to prevent the Burnout:

  1. Ask yourself a hard question of WHY you feel that way without judging yourself. We tend to ignore our inner voice that is telling us that something is wrong, but we don’t pay attention. Ask for Help if you need.
  2. Ask for feedback from your coworkers, boss, spouse or sibling as they input, or behavior is reflection of our Behavior’s. They are just trying to help you with different point of view.
  3. Know your limits; we tend to take in our shoulders more than we could handle; as we think that no one could do better job than we do. Perfection do not exist. Find the balance and delegate.
  4. Address in timely manners any mess or problem that is lingering and we live unattended. If we do not clean up the messes, then they become big problems.
  5. Be aware of any limiting believes or habits that are standing on way and causing your burnout. As we know, we all have blind spots that if we don’t attend and change to empowering ones than we setup ourselves for a Great Burnout.
  6. Take a break to rejuvenate yourself and use this time to recover and step back and see your reflection; meditate for a greater clarity. Give back to your family and community as giving is healing.
  7. Make educated choices by using mindfulness and emotional intelligence to find the balance between inner and outer self.
  8. Respond positively to any event or person as high achievers use a very powerful formula that is: Event plus your Response equal the Outcome. Think the outcome you want than respond accordingly.
  9. Recognize that you can not change anyone. The only thing that you could change is your thoughts, your vision that you keep in your mind, your behaviors and actions so you could make an educated choice.
  10. Create a mastermind Group that is well organized, and everyone wins by having different point of views and different options for solution and accountability.

Please reach out if you have any question as I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have.

Solving issues at workplace:

In every organization the teamwork can be challenging as one understand the issue different from the other person and the adverse happen.

Here are top 10 tips that will help anyone at any position to have authentic relationships and build trust and profitability.

  1. When the adverse happen step back, breath and pound before you speak.
  2. Authentically have curiosity to understand your real motives and other party.
  3. Have the willpower to step out of our reptile brain.
  4. Evaluate and be real so both parties see and work in differences.
  5. Understand the nuances of your point of view and other side as no one is right or wrong as its only our perception and understanding in certain way of the reality.
  6. Give and request any information or feelings that bothers you or the other person/team.
  7. Express in full willingness to solve the issue that satisfy the outcome with facts and positive outcome.
  8. Be companionate with the others as the way you want to be treated.
  9. Always as human we are wired to be with humans, so find that peace and come from that place and you will see the issue is not an issue any longer.
  10. Authentically apologize and fight the ego that block us from doing so.

What if we see an issue or a problem without judging others or ourselves; the solution will surface organically.