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Education is as broad as the ocean and depend what one pursues will shape your thinking in the most profound way!

Education in my experience transformed me from the inside out! It shaped my thinking and the view of the world around me in broad, harmonious ways and sometimes that happened unconsciously! There is not much time in my lifetime to get all the knowledge out there!


    1. Every time I learn a new concept, I feel rejuvenated, I have an aha moment and see and synchronize things differently!
    2. Education opens new windows in my brain’s files, so I am hungry to learn more and I have become a lifelong learner!
    3. Every time I learn something new, I connect the dots to see the bigger picture. Which means I can apply this new knowledge directly in my life, relationships, or business!
    4. Education built the blocks of my knowledge in the field that I choose to pursue in holistic way! I have learned human resources concepts, human behavior, leadership, business management, coaching, and training from 10 (ten) different trusted resources. Using this knowledge depending on the personality of my clients I can use a methodology that is right for him/her or any organization for that matter!
    5. Education provides me with new and breakthrough realizations. It helps me to realize my limitations and my strengths. So, I can work on my limitations to turn them in my strengths!
    6. Education broadens my perspective and enhance as critical thinking, and analytical skills so I can bring a clarity and possibly a new perspective to any given problem.
    7. Education teaches discipline which enables me to have a laser focused attention to details of any given project; I will make sure that all of my projects will be a successful!
    8. Education raises the level of wisdom and empathy, so I can connect the inner and outer world around me; people and events in organic and authentic way that everyone wins!
    9. Education bring on me a great satisfaction in my business! It has taught me to connect with a broader network and apply different perspectives in business and life! I can help individuals and organization achieve their personal or business goals, so their success is a give; and that brings great satisfaction!
    10. Education has given me the tools to become a better person with purpose and a mission to bring positivity to any relationship or business! As a new business owner education teaches you to be a better writer, a better teacher, a better communicator, a better marketer, a better leader, a better mother, a better friend, better manager, better coach, a better in public speaker and the list is endless!
    11. Education transformed my thinking so now I am fearless to any setback or failure. Failure is just a delayed result! My limitations of not good enough”, blaming and complaining which is part of human nature have been reshaped. I look at setbacks as teachable moments where I see new solutions and build blocks of resilience.
    12. Education is where I gain knowledge, confidence and authority in my field and create meaningful connections! Experience life in the fullest!
    13. Education has helped me to improve my health as I learned how to fight Dis-eases in holistic way and jet and jet open another window on my brain folder!
    14. Education improves my view of myself as well the world around me; build and grow my mindset so; higher self-esteem and education go hand in hand. Therefore, my confidence and the outlook of the world!
    15. With Education I become High Achiever, Thinker, Authority in my field, Adventurer Entrepreneur, Enthusiasm Generator, Peacemaker!

As I sit in my chair and think of my life journey, I see the important role education has played in my life!

Seatback and think for a moment; analyze your life from the day you were born to today and ask:

How has your education shaped your thinking? What is the next step in your education journey?


Article: By Desi Tahiraj

June 20, 2020