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It’s striking to think of how much leadership and leadership style have changed within a short period of time; and how critical is to have Growth Mindset leaders to embrace and lead in time of change.

A lot is asked from leaders especially in the drastic shift we are facing in the way we work, and we live as a society.

– Now is the opportunity for Leaders to think outside the box.

Leaders need to take an active role in making sure the company culture continues to benefit their organization and reshape if it doesn’t.

Company culture can only thrive when top leadership accepts responsibility for it.

Repairing and reshaping the company like repairing a plane in midflight.

The world we live in today is volatile, uncertain, and complex. Therefore, they need a new framework on how to rebuild and develop the company.

Especially new leaders need a support structure to shape and bring success in the company.

What leaders need, a map that will help them navigate the distinct challenges of transforming and establish a high performing team.

Now is required a different or reshaped company culture.


Assess Reshape and accelerate develop a process and break down into steps of what leaders need in the leadership toolbox:

– Leaders of 21 Century are being a great listener.

– Adapt new procedures and innovative thinking.

– The use of emotional intelligence and mindful meditation is a must in times of change for both leaders and employees.

– Coaching and mentoring will also become a core part of managing changing teams effectively.

– Build and reshape your brand by looking at the big picture.

– Maintaining open communication and feedback between employees and leaders to improve company culture.

– Leaders are responsible for providing a nurturing environment and consistent guiding principles – employees are responsible for supporting them.

– Leaders are active listeners and use the nine steps of Empathy.

– They look for people who can work with technology and make the best use of their creativity.

– They are in close contact with both their reports(managers) and the employees they supervise. That makes them an invaluable resource for improving communication about company culture and values.

– Different skills and experience – Hire creative interdisciplinary teams that can speak both language ideas and impact.

– The different risk profile of projects and people.

– Combine individual ideas/assets into solutions.

– Different speed – The necessity of speed increases as people’s lives or livelihoods on the line.

– Today leaders’ bets on hiring contract workers and contractors as they will need to adapt quickly to company culture and be resilient.

– Different expectations and understand that learning, interacting, producing loop is critical to innovative thinking.

– Different metrics – Trial at scale test and iterate quickly, test the tech, test consumer interest, test business model.

– Use different leadership styles as this is not business as usual.

– Adapting the core to meet shifting customer needs.

– Identifying and quickly addressing new opportunity areas being created by the changing landscape.

– Reevaluating the innovation initiative portfolio and ensuring resources are allocated appropriately.

– Building the foundation for postcrisis growth to remain competitive in the recovery period.

For new leaders, it is best to focus your attention on what matters most. Use your endearing qualities to get what you need right now. Stay open-hearted, grateful for all that you have, and count your blessings.

“We Are on Same Ocean but in Different Boats, and We Share the Same Destination.

We Survive, Revive, Thrive!”

Desi Tahiraj Consulting Inc.