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“The Science of Curiosity leverage new knowledge, recognize gaps, open mind to people’s ides… Explore … New comes with stress …  accept it too Thrive”

– Dr. Stephan Oschmann; CEO MERCK Germany

Did you asked yourself who Am I and What purpose I have?

That question I ask to myself often and I think that anyone or any company would use, and guaranty will fulfill the “Why” we exist as an individual or company.

Curiosity opens up a new perspective, ignite the purpose and opens up to wide range of possibilities to any dream, issue or project, and when is channeled in mindful way, share, communicate, polish and use the inclusion by design…  the results of anyone personal development or any company milestone will be far easy to accomplish as one say… “What mind can conceive and believe; the man can achieve!

When we have the curiosity to learn more about any business matter, other persons problems or behaviors, and ask why that person act in way acts, why this problem recurs, why we process in way we do? By posing the question we open to wide range of possibilities and explore a better version of us as person or business…

Curiosity is timeless; it always was and always will be. It transcends race, religion, politics, finance, culture, bias and prejudice.

One way to know if curiosity is part of the fabric of your life is to look at how you live your life:

What is working and what is not working – especially in these turbulent and challenging times?

Is your life (personal, corporate) so mechanical that there is no room for curiosity or inquisitiveness?

When was the last time you re-invented your business, your relationship, yourself?

How do you feel about the notion of re-inventing? Exhilarated…fearful?

Curiosity is a personal conversation one has with one’s self.

Many people today are having this conversation not only at mid-life, but at quarter-life – lack of engagement, dissatisfaction, searching for a deeper meaning of life and re-evaluating their place in the grand scheme of things is fostering their curiosity.

In Organizations and relationships, each of these entities needs to engage in the exploration of change in order to thrive and prosper.

Curiosity supports the organization to look with fresh eyes at opportunity, competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.

Curiosity supports relationships to look with fresh eyes at their aliveness, spontaneity, maturation, connection, joy, happiness and bliss.

By posing a question to myself in personal level or business level for any issue or solution of any project, I hear my inner voice, my why, study to get knowledge that I need, and ask around if I don’t know. As being open to other people’s idea I extend my awareness and I found the gap of where I was and where I want to be in my personal development and professionally. It took a lot of hard work, sleepless nights as new come with stress, but I maintained in very effective way with meditation and breathing, invented my passion, my time, money, energy many everything.

Along the road we all experience seatbacks and down time, and never give up feeling that fire and curiosity inside us that keeps our dream alive, our creativity, quest to fulfill our deepest desires that every each of us is entitle to experience, and be in use for a greater good!

Let’s explore what you could do to ignite your fire and your Curiosity that will develop habits, practices, and procedures that thrive:

  • Write down goals and outcomes that you as an executive, manager, or employee, you want to achieve. What innovation you will ignite and implement for a greater Good?
  • Each objective has 3-5 key results. Each key result should be a way to define success, and measure progress toward success.
  • Write down what you are missing in your personal thinking or procedures that you need to upgrade and make the action plan with time frame.
  • Practice everyday meditation to keep you grounded with tasks at hand for the next sixty-six day.
  • Ask the person that you think could help you to this quest tomorrow, use coaching.
  • Every Friday write the steps that you took that week, the results you got and Upgrade or change steps along away to help you better.
  • What is your unique time management system that you are sure that you have time for success?
  • What and how you delegate tasks?
  • Do you focus on what is essential and not to worry about the rest?
  • Create a template and allow others to display their genius.
  • Use mind Mapping and the Rule of Five to stay focus and productive.
  • Organize Run/Marathon/Picnic/volleyball, or any activity that bring your team together.
  • How open are you to other people ideas, other cultures and races?
  • Who is your hero and why, as you will discover your strengths?
  • What thinking, behaving and patterns I need to change to produce the results you want? How I will deliver the wow factor for the customer?
  • Have curiosity of what drives the other person behavior, and will curiosity and empathy approach open the light for you and the other person to find solution and move forward.

We as human are the most extraordinary creation that God brought in this world and is our job to look from inside out and use the precious gift that was given for a better world with love and light! Go out there and emit the light!