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Throughout my experience and studies, I found out that there are two major factors that affect a company or an executive / high performer Burnout and needs to reinvent themselves: Culture /Mindset and Process/Habits!

Based on the Company culture and vision are built a process that helps to build a successful business. It is the cohesive atmosphere that permeates a company and directly affects the way people work within that company. How people are hired and how they work together is critical for the success of the company or failure!

But never taking that moment means that many Businesses/Career end up operating in a continuous loop, making the same mistakes again and again, working blind to the change and evolution that is taking place.

A Company/MINDSET shift from its performance to its purpose can make all the difference in how people are hired, how people work, and how the company performs. Looking at why the company does what it does (and not just focusing on what it does or how it does what it does) creates the starting point for developing or fostering culture.

Values are at the heart of the decisions we make, and they influence behaviour and attitude.

Creates a culture-breeding chain reaction that filters right down to the customer.

The most successful companies understand the input of all of their employees, and it is through all the steps below that prevent the BURNOUT and stimulate High-Performance.

– Transparency

– Nurturing

– Motivation

– Communication

– Celebrating milestones

– Know your Team Well

Develop Employees in Emotional Intelligence:

– Cultivate empathy,

– Optimism,

– Hope,

– Gratitude,

– Meditation,

– Promote active listening,

– Self-awareness,

– Peer coaching,

– Sensing,

– Thinking,

– Judging,

– Intuition,

– Feeling,

– Perceiving

Ask people what they need to gain satisfaction in their work: Survey, what is working what is not

– Job satisfaction,

– Salary,

– Work conditions,

– Policies are in place,

– Supervision,

– Administration,

– Collaboration,

– Status,

– Transparency,

FEEDBACK -Good times to ask for feedback is:

– After or before company meetings

– At annual reviews

– Quarterly

– In the moment

Open lines of communication.

The flow of information should be constant and free, from top leadership on down to the entry-level worker.

An open line of communication is important for a team dynamic to thrive as an informed employee makes the best company ambassador.

One of the best ways to feed your company culture and to grow is to openly address your failures and be open to discussion and feedback from your team.

Failure can lead to more failure unless you are willing to learn to look at each failure and use it to your advantage to help propel your company/CAREER forward.

Asking for feedback from your employees is a great way to best assess your own performance. It’s also a constructive way to help you reflect, grow, and succeed as a leader.

Keep in mind that your response after receiving the feedback is just as important as asking! Remember, they are only trying to help by providing a different viewpoint.

Here we are, ready to Prevent the Burnout of a Company, Executive, or Employee and start building your High – Performance Culture/Mindset!