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The Truth About Burnout

When you feel overwhelmed, the way you react can actually make things worse.
Here are common, self-sabotaging mistakes to watch out for — and how to avoid them.

On this 5 Day Challenge, I will help you to:

  • Discover your Blind Spots.
  • Hit the high point of your life/business.
  • Discover your strength/weakness/resentment
  • You default to your traditional approaches and defenses.
  • You be remembered long after the conversation.
  • You consciously/unconsciously withdraw from your support system.
  • You interpret feeling overwhelmed as a weakness.
  • You lack initiative/perseverance.
  • Develop the skills necessary to overcome barriers.
  • Stay committed to your new vision.


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  • Key points to achieve your desired results.
  • Get into the “Making it Happen Zone.”
  • Analyze what is Working and What is Not working.
  • Learn how to change for good and feel good about it!
  • 90-days free access to me via email for your questions!

About Desi Tahiraj

Founder and CEO of Desi Tahiraj Consulting Inc., Improving Human Performance in Business. Desi shares her expertise on Transformational / Burnout Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Building, High Performance, Retention, Conflict Resolution, and Training to Corporations, Institutions, Organizations, and Small Business Owners. Author of two books, “Burnout-What’s
Next?; “Fail & Get Up & Never Give UP!” Desi is also a sought-after international speaker and offers various workshops based on leadership/management, team building, manage & cures to stress and burnout in the workplace.

Wecome Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!


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