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My Story

I born and grew up under Albanian Communist Dictature where Communism killed 27 people in my family and for us no right to educate, work or get married. After Communism collapsed, I earned my Law Degree, worked as an Attorney in Kruja City Hall, after working in Law office Tirana City Hall, and in In 1998 I become a Brooklyn Citizen did volunteer work, than a Human Resources Manager for a very prestigious Institution Columbia University. 

Due to significant early challenges in my own life, I have always been passioned to help others, and the people’s lives with my unique knowledge of human behavior and beauty. I am committed to making a positive impact in development, a nurturing person working two jobs all while taking care of my sick son, my sick husband, caring for my parents, sisters, and everyone who I was in contact with. Then, I hit a wall and my life crumbled right in front of my eyes. I divorced, sold my home, left the job that I loved, fought with my family, and was living with my teenage son not knowing how I would pay rent or buy food. I got extremely sick and was in and out of the emergency room. One time, almost dying, I saw myself on the other side…

I decided to find answers and spent thousands of hours studying, hundreds of thousands of dollars finding answers from the best in the field to heal myself. I learned to overcome my limiting beliefs, blaming, and complaining and more and it led me to a deep understanding of what really causes the high-achievers burnout. Now I teach the art of Transformation, to create lasting positive change in the people’s lives with my unique knowledge and Big Heart!

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