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To be or not to be Shakespeare said one day,

Who knows what he experienced that come to that end!

Every each of us come one day to realize to what it is that truth that drive their life!

How heavenly is that God gifted everyone of us with talents to achieve success in life!

I am gifted with patience, purpose, determination, and drive

Solutions to find for everything that is unsolved

With zest of love, student forever to serve the Devine!

What is your gift dear one?

Tell us so we all serve for the better life to come!

To show the Universe that we come to this world

To fulfill our duty, our laughter, our Love!

To learn to not be pity compassion embrace

So we enhance the greatness of human race!

To build foundation that last forever

Like Mosses, Jesus, Socrates to build our future generation!

We feed the good, not the bad and ugly

To rebuild and heal all wounded souls!

It’s duty of us on this day of our time

To be or not to be Shakespeare said one day

So we all choose to be a great human race!

Written by: Desi Tahiraj

May 8, 2921