The Burnout Solution - Powerfully Comeback in 8 Weeks

By [Coach Name]

Helping Corporate Executives to Powerfully Comeback into High Performance

The Burnout Solution - Powerfully Comeback in 8 Weeks

By [Coach Name]

Helping Corporate Executives to Powerfully Comeback into High Performance

Clear the Stress

When we come to understanding that the only thing we could control and change is our thinking, communication, behavior, imagination and actions and implement them into our life, the results are the joy, fulfillment and happiness.

Feel Energised Again

Aligning in harmony with our inner self and everything in our outer world and the shift in perception take place, we feel the magic, clarity and energized in all walks of life as everything is energy.

Clean Up the Messes

Take the steps to your success by building your awareness and take 100% responsibility for our life and responses. Clean up your messes and incompletes in your relationships, finances, and dreams.

Go Beyond “I Can’t!”

By being responsible for who we associate with and how these individuals negatively or positively influence and impact our life. We bring awareness in your life is positive nurturing and encouraging.


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Develop Powerful Mindset

We can not have a single thought without body responding by listening your body and responding with awareness you top to infinite peace and harmony. You will engage all your dimensions of self: intellect, intuition, awareness, imagination, will, physical body, emotion and be aware that we are so much more than just our bodies and our minds.

Manage Your Outcomes

Manage and experience a positive outcome there are two basic choices, you need to make: Either to blame the event for the results you get… blame the matter. Instead change your response. You see you must gain control over your thinking, behavior, your images that you create the results that you want; simply to change the outcome you need the change your response.

Produce Lasting Results

Changing the paradigm which is a collection of habits, based on our believes about ourselves and our world that generates our circumstances, experience and results. Proven that high achievement and peak performance you will discover that there are six mental faculties that you will implement to produce lasting results; Imagination, Intuition, will, memory, reason, perception.

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My Clients

My Clients

Amira D. Paluskiewicz, LEED AP

“I attended a Leadership Workshop event where Desi was a speaker and she blew me away with her story. She is such an amazing person and is clear on her approach, her vision on how she can help you.”

Bharat Shah, Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse, India

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for a 360-degree mentoring session. I will work on all the points you covered and progressed on all fronts now, a small change made to my LinkedIn profile. I took my dad for a walk yesterday, did a meditation with him, and spent time with my sister and mother. I think I was running away with a relationship. Your session brought clarity. Appreciate all the help you kindly provided and clear my foggy glass screen so now I can clearly see my road and action accordingly.
Thanks a ton.”


Dear Desi,

I am excited for the opportunity to see you present for the first time. My first impression of you from long ago told me that you are very special woman with much to share with the world!

I can’t wait to see you.


Hi Desi!

Outstanding job woman!  I knew it was your first life event online.  However, no one would be able to tell.  You were fantastic!  Professional, started and ended promptly. Didn’t him haw about this or that.  You intimately knew your subject matter and you got to the point easily and at a perfect pace sharing all of your knowledge with ease and grace.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

Patty Preisinger


I have been inspired and empowered to be lead by example to have compansion be transparent and set the example

Thank you Desi.

Natasha John Baptiste


I thought of you this morning when I saw something about Joe Biden, and he was saying “if you fall, get up”. and I could hear you saying, “And never give up!” You are a shining star and inspiration for all! Congratulations & wishing you continued success!

Hope Rothenberg

Executive Director, Fort Lee Regional Chamber of Commerce

Outstanding, with great passion you build and lead this legacy.

Fantastic with the English you speak, your accent and expression are gift, passion, and respect.

Thank you.

Luan Caushaj

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The Burnout Solution - Powerfully Comeback in 8 Weeks

Helping Corporate Executives to Powerfully Comeback into High Performance

The Burnout Solution - Powerfully Comeback in 8 Weeks

By [Coach Name]

Helping Corporate Executives to Powerfully Comeback into High Performance

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