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I would love to start this article with a very powerful quote close to my heart from Rabbi Harold Kushner “Caring about others, running the risk of feeling and leaving an impact on people bring happiness.”

From my experience I found that a Leader puts many heats and lead by balancing inner and outer world that reflect in way he/she conduct his personal and business world. There are many traits that a leader should own, however, I found that the most important trait that a leader must own in the 21st century business world is the Resilience.

As the world of business is going through many changes if a leader is not resilient, he will be replaced in no time. As not always work/life go in way you planed, and obstacles and unexpected events happen, and business/project is about to fail, and when everyone run to hide and give up, a resilient leader does not quit or give up. Instead he steps back, take a deep breath, look at the whole picture and the details that caused the failure of business or project and learn from the failure.

Use analytical skills and feedback from trussed employees and collaborators. Expends his search, knowledge and look at all necessary processes to build a better strategy and process and for certain keep in loop everyone in the group and explore different point of views, options of what option is better that will bring great results.

As a new entrepreneur I did not planned correct all process and financial resources that I needed to build my business and as one can imagine I run out of cash and up with $85,000 in credit cards dead’s, and spend all my savings.

I realized that this mistake is common in many new business owners when do not chose an adviser, take many projects at ones, and not have experience or tools necessary to succeed.

All family members suggested to close the business and call for bankruptcy, and that is the only solution. They did not see any other option and demanded to give up.

I am known from my family and friends as very strong and resilient person that I survived and thrived the Albanian Communism totalitarizm and become Attorney of the city and lawyer at age 26 when one can imagine the after communism shock where everyday I have to overcome many obstacles and developed a strong agile and resilient leadership!

Again, started from scratch in New York City where I started as administrative assistant and grow to a very successful manager to a world class institution Columbia University where I learned many qualities of leadership from the best in the field.

As high achievers week point is that we take more than we can handle so working a demanding job, taking care my sick husband with cancer, my son that born with extreme allergies 94% of all foods and several times near death; in and out or hospital; taking care my parents and siblings… I got burnt out at that level that I got sick and in and out of hospital and two times near death.

However even in my darkest hours I chose love and I come back even stronger than I was. And with tremendous help from my faithful friends as they valued the strength of my character and resilience, the setback of the business and creeping financial difficulties did look a joke to me.

A resilient leader is optimist, self-belief, self-control, ability to adapt, to be flexible, ability to solve problems, sense of humor, emotional intelligence, social support. You need to have these traits in order to thrive as a leader and be in purpose for a greater Good!

When everyone gave up, I acknowledge my wrongdoing and learned from my mistake, and see the gaps that I need to fill inn: To develop better marketing, stay connected with my friends and community, and be outspoken so people see what an extraordinary service I am able to provide to my community.

Drew the action plan that I will implement in short term and the long term and do one step at the time! Network with like minded people, give to the community, and be outspoken for a greater good. As a single middle age woman with a teenage son that see me in the eye is my duty to be strong and succeed! As I live NOW, not Yesterday, not Tomorrow. but NOW!

To learn from your mistakes, take ownership, turn them to success and move on is one of the most important traits that a resilient leader own.

My call to you is: Never Give Up, as Life is a Short Beautiful Trip!

Be Brave, Live Now!

Desi Tahiraj