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Take Back Control of Your Life

14 Days Challenge
You know how life works, right? Sometimes an unexpected crisis shows up. At other times, it’s an exciting opportunity that we didn’t see coming. But no matter what life throws at us, we can still create the best possible outcome from an event that we have no control over. Top achievers experience these events, too. But the difference is: they know how to respond.

For 14 days, I want to challenge you to respond better, too.Of course, I’ll be there online with you, giving you action steps for accomplishing virtually anything you want to do. To help you get started — and challenge you a bit — I’ve prepared a 14-Day Workbook with simple assignments designed to help you respond better and keep you focused on your goals. The Workbook is FREE.

Over the next 14 days, you’ll:

  • Master the #1 habit that top achievers use to stay focused
  • Become proactive about creating your future, instead of blaming and complaining
  • Solve any deeply troubling situation and move forward without stress
  • Respond confidently to unexpected opportunities, disasters, and distractions

Completing the exercises in this 14-Day Challenge Workbook is almost the same as me sitting down with you — guiding you through challenges and other situations you’re facing. And it’s included FREE when you become part of my inner circle online!

Day 1: Take Back Control of Your Life – What Changes when you take just 5% more responsibility for an area of your Life.

Day 2: Are You Ready to take Control of an outcome that bother you?

Day 3: How you will be more proactive with your responses.

Day 4: Are You Ready to take control over outcomes that will accure in the future?

Day 5: How to start to consistently create a better responses? – Responsibility = Ability to Respond

Day 6: How to resolve a difficult or troubling situation in your life?

Day 7: Taking 100% Responsibility for your outcomes – Ability to create total Emotional Freedom in your lives.

Day 8: Focus on RESPONSES

Day 9: How to apply E+R=O formula to apply this knowledge in our career and business.

Day 10: Cure to Blaming and Complaining – can act as our 100% Responsibility GPS System.

Day 11: How to take 100% Responsibility in our Relationships.

Day 12: What You are pretending not to know: How to recognize the Yellow Alerts and prepare our responses.

Day 13: How to begin to take 100% Responsibility for your personal growth?

Day 14: This is the beginning of taking Control for your life and freedom.

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