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Be open to Change, accept the Change, Embrace the Change! As You Do The New Day Begin!

“You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it”

– Gandhi

When I was young, I was thinking to change the world. I grow up a little, and I say I will change my city. I grow up a little more, that I said I will change my family. Then I grow up more and I realized that the only person I could change is Me.

I was judging myself for “not being good enough”, hahaha! Are you related to this?

I was judging my coworker for being a winner, and I tried to “help” so could be more positive and proactive! Did that happen with you too?

I was judging complainers and try to teach them not too! Did you do that too?

I was judging my ex-husband for his weakness, and I tried to “fix” him! Did you do that too?

I was judging my son for being irresponsible, and procrastinating!

Did you do that too?


Guess what, I ended up to realized that the only person needs to change is ME.

So, I started a three years journey to make changes from inside out and outside inn and I went from living inside the box to living outside the box; form being fixed mindset to growth mindset! Certainly, requires a lot of “Will”, discipline and determination, and the results are unmatched! I could not describe more powerfully the satisfaction, fulfillment and enlightenment I live my life!

Is fascinating that how everything changes when we change our thinking and the pictures we carry in our mind about people and reality, is just a paradigm that we live inn.

When we change our perception, and change from fixed mindset to grow mindset, is groundbreaking awareness and mindfulness and our life reflect based on it.

Is just like a mirror, what energy we put out there bounce back to us and via versa.

However, most of the time we get caught in our everyday routine and mindless in way we think and react, and we blame and complain about others and we hardly see ourselves in the mirror and reflect and speak to ourselves honestly!

How you could change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions?

We affect others by the way of our being and dealing with others not by asking what to do or think!

Use enrollment conversation and suggestions with empathy and looking other person in eye and being into the conversation as unspoken language and body movement is more important than the speech.

If I don’t like something, I change it, If I can’t change it, I change the way I think about it and I accepted it and move on. The only way that I can change is if I learn, apply and start over from where I am with what I have with open heart and open mind! I do not allow anything to bother me in my sole. I am open for any change or possibility, as I believe in the higher power and have unshaken faith!

It’s amazing how law of attraction works… what you put out bounce back to you and is so powerful, jet does not jet comprehended form most of us!

What if you write down tonight a list of appreciation of all people and events that you resent or don’t see the way to deal with, and look into every each of them and take a look what is in them that you like about and write them down.

Write down what are the feelings you are experiencing. By writing down everything the brain (our conscious and unconscious mind) comprehend better and by seeing and reading you will realize that most of what you think is not true or is just the fear that triggers you.

It’s an amazing exercise that anyone use and be surprised as I did!

I was the one who did not believe in such a thing! I was lawyer and everything for me it was search for facts and clues.

Let me tell you that I was blown away when I did!

Try this exercise tonight, and let me know when you do, and give me your feedback!

To Your New Beginning!