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Still breath aloud – and the air vibrated like acoustic that needs to hear

the cathedral of Jesus

the cathedral rises me to remember

my desire which is screaming to come out

to life and live so trustfully so singly,

servant, clean and disciplined,

Below under

Full of candles standing on the floor, and my desire!

There was so much of the world that I had to chase

To pack set off to leave, vanish without a trace.

Oh no I don’t want to leave

A bit of anger and great expectation, dedication

I have always done what I was told

In drops of rain, In the thorns of roses

the theater of life opens

By the sun, at night in the deep blue sky

I grew so mindlessly overjoy everywhere

In hallways, coffee shops revolving by themselves

Laughed with lighting,

There was too much to love,

and now there isn’t worry

Ah, wait till a warm hurricane comes with fumes …

the reality without mercy!

Along with the line and through … no tears

Such a dry so much breathless,

quiet and pure as a peach it’s everywhere.

A cry of pain that could have got loud and worse but not

beneath my breath, I hear,

not baby you are not falling

The sensation of falling off

Turned into fire, storm

Were nigh and slush and cold,

sleep on a sofa beside the door

My hands laying under the lamp at shadowy gray knees

I knew nothing, nothing, nothing

How had I come to be here?