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The environment has a significant impact on everything that we do!

In every part of business history, the leadership style affects the outcome of every enterprise or movement. Therefore, looking from every angle and observation of the leader’s environment plays a tremendous role! How effective is the methodology on the investment that the corporate or society put in place on leadership development impact directly the quality and effectiveness of creating Great Leaders! Skills that leaders develop, prepare, and assess aim and create excellence that will support your corporate Governance or enterprise.

There are many ways to approach and unluck new leaders’ potentials; how you top into their power and purpose to accelerate success.

The power distribution is one methodology that will produce results you wish to put in place that moves the needle on your corporate Governance.

The environment that is feeding, nurturing, inspiring, motivating, and giving what a leader needs to grow that vision for the company can stand on his power. If not, then the environment needs to change, or the leader changes the environment!

Here are the structures and ingredients that set the stage to build leaders that provide excellent service on corporate Governance:

1. Clarity + Culture +Character + Curiosity + Communication + Copping mechanism + Criticism

It’s striking to think of how much leadership and leadership style have changed within a short period; and how critical it is to have Growth Mindset leaders to embrace and lead in times of change. HOW LEADERSHIP CHANGED IN 21 CENTURY! | LinkedIn

2. Purpose + People + Process + Policies + Performance + Power of Positioning

Depend on your core values and your niche, what culture you wish to create? In what environment is your business operating? Look into my related article: SHARED VISION = THRIVING BUSINESS | LinkedIn

3. Awareness + Adaptability

In reality, the average person listens at only about 25% efficiency!


4. Support + Strategy + Systems + Synergy

Clarity Strategy & Mindset Priority What Are the Traits That Makes Your company strong! What Makes a Strong Business? | LinkedIn

5. Genuine + Genius + Geographically aware

Traditionally, leaders built their careers by developing deep expertise of some kind and demonstrating increasing competence levels as they moved up the corporate ladder. Organizations assumed that they would bring superior insight to the challenge at hand. In the emerging approach, leaders must accept that their specialized expertise is limited and open to learning from others. Building your Genuine Brand Building your Brand | LinkedIn

6. Resilience + Relating + Response + Rephrase + Rebuild

As the world of business is going through many changes, if a leader is not resilient, they will be replaced in no time. As not always work/life go in the way you plan, and obstacles and unexpected events happen, business/project is about to fail, and when everyone runs to hide and give up, a resilient leader does not quit or give up. Instead, he steps back, takes a deep breath, looks at the whole picture, and details the details that caused the business’s failure or project and learned from the loss.
Resilience: A Trait for a Successful Leader in the 21st Century! | LinkedIn

7. Loyalty + Shared Vision

How do you maintain your company’s solid foundation with a new era vision by working remotely and building Loyalty in your organization?

8. Achieve + Attain + Alternate

Curiosity opens up a new perspective, ignites the purpose, and opens up to a wide range of possibilities to any dream, issue, or project! When channeled mindfully, share, communicate, polish and use the inclusion by design… the results of anyone’s personal development or any company milestone will be far easier to accomplish as one say: “What mind can conceive and believe; the man can achieve!


9. Trait offs + Tools + Teachable

If the new information isn’t applied, we’ll forget about 75% of it after just six days.

In the 21st Century, where everything is moving fast, most of us never stop to realize our limitations are straightforward to get Burnout.

10 Steps to Avoid the Burnout! 10 Tips that help Issues in Workplace | LinkedIn


Nobody wants to speak poorly about the person who can give them a raise or send them packing. But giving leaders feedback is necessary. A lack of feedback can cause leadership performance to stagnate and can hinder the success of entire organizations. On the other hand, providing leaders with accurate feedback can catalyze growth, allowing them to view their performances through more wide lenses and make positive changes accordingly.

So, how should you give leaders feedback?

· Be unselfish; Be specific.

· Match the leader’s level of intensity.

· Match the severity of the situation.

· Be direct; Be vulnerable.

Organizational cultures: the shared, pervasive, enduring, and implicit behaviors and norms permeate an organization. For each respondent’s organization DNA, their relative rankings of eight distinct culture styles map onto two dimensions: how people respond to change (flexibility versus stability) and how people interact (independence versus interdependence). By great vision in the right environment, so it is for sure, you can embrace the change.

Doing things in a total radiance way is your value creation and value capture; therefore, create your corporate DNA! The environment that thrives no matter how many challenges your company goes through!

The nature of the global business environment guarantees that no matter how hard we work to create a stable and healthy organization, our organization will continue to experience dramatic changes far beyond our control! – Margaret J. Wheatly


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December 16, 2020